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New ORIGINAL program

There are various definitions of the word Original, according to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy: (From the Latin original). Belonging or relating to the origin. Put a scientific work, artistic, literary or any other kind: That is the inventiveness of its author. That has, or if their work or behavior anew. 

  • Definition of Multimedia (MM): (From the English media). Word used to refer to any object or system that uses multiple physical or digital means of expression to present and communicate information. 
  • Definition Television (TV): From Greek TV) is a system for transmitting and receiving moving pictures and sound over a distance using diffusion mechanism. 
  • The word "Group" (English group) defines a set of people who are together or who have a common characteristic, in this case creating new and original multimedia systems for television application. 

Original MMTV group is open to all that is, the system uses Open Source programs that take place, all in the form of Internet TV, why use two channels broadcast live from the start by Livestream system in 2012 and since January 2014 also via YouTube LIVE !. In both channels, the broadcast can be done from anywhere in the mainland in the near future and also via satellite. Original Multimedia Television Group is a non-profit continuing the brand, created in 1998 by Andrew George with the aim of producing television programs of all types through the use of social networks and Internet TV channels.

Sections of the program 

The original program consists of sections which themselves form a self-contained program. 

These sections, like the pieces of a puzzle, composed of all the different parts and are placed in the order and disposition that we need for each program. We can emphasize with dynamic sections regarding the viewer's attention lapses by other sections, maintaining quality, have a slower rate such as interviews, presentations, debates and news. This allows us, first, getting quality content and, secondly, to keep the viewer's attention on every minute.

AirBall, Masterpieces, + -Road, XtremeTV, Selfies, BAKTUN, SNAP Family, La Dona Invisible (SQM), Make Off, Films, Art Gallery, Up a Business, Creative 3.0, Instructables, Go SKATE i molts títols més d'altres tants temes formaran part del programa ORIGINAL.

Our idea is to work slowly but surely, to those who see the program receive quality, efficiency and professionalism informative for it, we have the collaboration of renowned professionals in the audiovisual sector in Spain and each of the activities and topics covered in each section of it.


Latest News

What is Original MMTV group?

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New Programs

Masterpieces of classical music, dance, culture, art, etc. .. 

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Airball is the title of the section that is born from the union of two sports similar features, Airsoft and Paintball.

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+ - Road. The evolution of the automotive world in its various forms,

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Divertec, the latest applications and developments in the field of robotics applied to real world

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UP a BUSINESS, as the setting up a business.

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New programs in preparation