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Virtual Sets

The advance of new technologies allows us to offer a revolutionary service for producers and TV channels.

VSE (Virtual Set Editor).
The basis of the system is the editor of the VSE virtual scenarios American NEWTEK, creators of the system realization Tricastin, but what are the steps to make this possible?

Modeling and design stage.
By modeling the elements that make up the different scenes, designing the virtual stage and ambience of the whole to achieve maximum detail and realism to the set that will be used to fund the production of chrome.

Composition of the virtual stage.
In order to integrate the virtual stage system with video cameras must compose images generated in different layers and angles that will determine the position of the camera plans for subsequent realization in real time.

Creating the virtual stage.
The image created by the software can now be imported to create virtual sets VSE. Now, the different layers and different camera angles are already arranged in order and appropriate place to integrate them into the system realization Tricaster.

Performing live. 
The system of virtual scenery together with equipment Tricastin enables producers and television channels carrying real-time news and current news.

Our system includes:

  • Modeling and design stage and additional elements.
  • Composition of the scenery and virtual elements in layers
  • Creating virtual scenography, different camera angles and movements between 8 pre-set positions
  • Creating self installable program par Tricastier use systems.

You can check availability and service by mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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