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Films conversion

How we spend your films: 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm and 9 1/2 in digital video system.

Capture professional.
The first step involves the conversion to digital recording to computer hard drive by using professional camera. These cameras feature 3CCD with very low noise and allow accurate scanning frequencies shutter analog projector avoiding fluctuations of old pictures.

Editing, retouching and sound.
Then from using computers and editing programs in SD or HD format, do the cuts, chains, effects, and tweaks voiced his case the old films. Easily modify the order of movies, speed, color balance etc ...

Control of content and duration of episodes.
A database attached sheet out of work, we introduce data relating to: duration, content, titles, music and so employed, which allow you direct access to the different sequences of the DVD. I must say that it is important that the data provided by our customers usually as accurate as possible to avoid mistakes

DVD authoring.
The above data is introduced with the surgical precision through the DVD authoring program. Once this, recording and printing and direct DVD creation and printing of the cover given for completion of the work.

Cookie Design.
If you want new copies or alterations to the work completed, an accurate picture of each of our other work on our servers for 6 months and no extra charge for our customers.

Our system includes:

  • Telecines all formats from family films: 8mm, Super 8mm. 91/2 and 16mm.
  • Authoring professional animated menus and direct control sequences
  • DVD 4.7 GB
  • Cracker box and customized with images and text content
  • Copy Protection (optional)

You can check availability and service by mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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