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Jordi Salazar, Jordi Civit and professional staff accompanying them show us the secrets of these games of strategy, leadership and teamwork, we present the latest developments in equipment, weaponry and equipment needed, we give advice, teach act risk, survival and first aid, and of course, we will enjoy the beautiful with the best images of action and combat simulation into hostile territory.


Airsoft and Paintball Sports Strategy are aimed at enhancing the entrepreneurial spirit, leadership and teamwork participating players. The unexpected, unforeseen and simulated situations allow risk taking decisions quickly, safely and with minimum possible error, extrapolating this to the real life improvements in business decisions and daily work are achieved.


In the various programs will see practical examples and live the feelings of extreme actions on the frontline.




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What is Original MMTV group?

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New Programs

Masterpieces of classical music, dance, culture, art, etc. .. 

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Airball is the title of the section that is born from the union of two sports similar features, Airsoft and Paintball.

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+ - Road. The evolution of the automotive world in its various forms,

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Divertec, the latest applications and developments in the field of robotics applied to real world

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UP a BUSINESS, as the setting up a business.

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New programs in preparation