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Performing live shows

Service conducting live shows and broadcast in real time global WEB: rock concerts, Jazz, Theatre, Opera, Fashion, Festivals, etc.

After many years of professional experience, we embarked on a revolutionary new service implementation and comprehensive direct broadcast on the Internet in real time.
Unlike other systems, our production team has a complete production engineering and control multi camera inside two suitcases military to work in any situation and place, this equipment can be used in both settings study / studio as a mobile unit installed inside an SUV fully equipped for field testing. (operational as of March 2015).

Our system allows you to create new revenue opportunities by promoting your brand. Produce quiz, shows, promote new talent, tours. Take streaming video, web page of your organization or business and social media to build a deeper relationship with their fans. Everything is possible with the performance of our system.

Bigger. Bolder. Greater extent.

Now their music programs may be all you imagined.

You can also impress your customers, fans and promoters of shows with our productions.
Now the artistic producers of all levels can produce budgetary performances similar to those made by big producers and the best national networks, production systems with our multi camera complete with video mixing, incredible graphics, effects playback, live streaming the issue of social media, virtual sets, and more

The system includes:

  • Pre production according to customer needs.
  • Performing preliminary audiovisual presentation format product
  • Preparing graphics, subtitles, banners and sponsorship credits
  • Performing live with four HD cameras (*)
  • Two camera operators to monitor and camera close-ups + 1 + 1 camera located Chart robotic crane
  • Live broadcast channel Youtube, UStream and Livestream (**)

Rates from € 990 + VAT

Optional: lighting and sound equipment, wireless microphones, steadycam camera for monitoring, video monitors, projectors and screens for viewing.

(*) Up to 2 hours recording for longer duration and other settings can be found This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(**) Live broadcast free of charge using our Youtube channel, https://www.youtube.com/user/videovalles other broadcast channels, check prices.



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